DylanmKay 2 (3:41:06 PM): funniest wc3 game last night
DylanmKay 2 (3:41:23 PM): was getting my ass kicked by lvl 14 solo dude
DylanmKay 2 (3:41:29 PM)
: cuase he tower rushed me, and somehow i didn't notice
DylanmKay 2 (3:41:58 PM)
: when he's about to kill me he's like "dude this is my practice account, and since you weren't a dick when i tower'd you i'll give u the win if you want it"
DylanmKay 2 (3:42:02 PM)
: and then he just quit
DylanmKay 2 (3:42:02 PM)
: hahaha