Expand Time: A Year Later
Feb 15th, 2012 8:49 PM, 3 comments
Time is still the thing I value most in life, and I have still have shit luck with it. Given the limited amount of free time I find myself with lately, I'm having to really choose wisely when prioritizing the million things I need, want, and like to do in life. That's why I haven't written anything here in a year -- the less interesting things just don't make the cut. =/

I've read two articles recently that were extremely enlightening as far as understanding myself better....

(1) Science Behind a Bad Mood -- In a nutshell, I often find myself in a not-so-great mood, and what I took from the article helped me to understand why that might be. I frequently find myself sacrificing time to do things that are in support of others and not something I would prioritize myself. This can be extremely frustrating, and perhaps the reason why I find myself grumpy a lot. =[

(2) Working Memory Makes Time Fly -- This is a bit more difficult to explain briefly, but I think I have really good working memory. Ever since I was a kid I always thought time flew by so fast, and now as an adult, I feel it even more so. I also surprise myself sometimes by what I'm capable of recalling when I'm troubleshooting something software-related. I get really entranced in my work and am able to deeply focus on it such that if I've seen code behave a certain way at least one time, it's somehow committed to memory nearly indefinitely. This is surprising because if I don't put something in its "normal place" (wallet, keys, glasses), 30 minutes later I usually have no idea where it is. I'm not sure if I would give up the kind of memory I have for the kind I don't.

All that said, for my own edification next year, here's what's at the top of my priority list right now: And some things that consistently don't make the cut: There are probably another 25 things I could add to this list that, to no surprise, aren't coming to mind at the moment. I feel like if I could somehow retire at 35, I'd be able to accomplish all the things I want to accomplish and be content, but that's probably not the case.
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