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Feb 15th, 2011 11:09 AM, 1 comment
Why is it that the one thing I value most dearly is the same thing I have the worst luck with? I'm sitting in a doctor's office waiting room still after already waiting for over an hour. I made this appointment over three weeks ago and have overheard two people now who said they either made appointments yesterday or were told to just walk in today. People have also come in after me that have already been called back.

This isn't the only thing of course. Nearly every wait at a doctor's office is like this for me. If I'm standing in line at a store, that line automatically becomes the longest and slowest moving line. Every time. More recently if I'm spending some extra time in a game trying to get an achievement and there's a bug or any possible thing to render the extra time I spent wasted, guaranteed it will happen.

I just got called after waiting 80 minutes and now I'm back to waiting. In closing, FML.
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