Expand Sailing... Takes Me Away!
Jun 2nd, 2009 8:51 AM, 0 comments
This Thursday I'll leave work a little early and drive to Richmond to meet up with my father and brother. From there, we'll all hop in 1 car and head up to Deale, MD. We'll be sailing a 37' Hunter 376 around the Chesapeake Bay through Monday.

This will be my third big sailing trip since 2007. It should be the 2nd-best, if not the best trip, barring any natural disasters. The weather looks like it might be OK for the weekend (scattered showers on Friday keeps me from saying it'll be perfect). For the first trip, the weather was absolutely perfect for the entire weekend. Last year, however, we experienced almost a full weekend's worth of rain courtesy of a Nor'easter. We had one really good day where we sailed to St. Michaels, but were forced to get up very early the next day and head straight back due to incoming weather.

The plan this year is to hit all of the hot spots that we had planned on hitting last year, including St. Michaels again (The Crab Claw restaurant was too good not to go back to). I'm really interested in going up to Annapolis, and down to Oxford. Annapolis is a pretty cool city, although it's not like we'll be able to tour around the actual city or anything.

Wish for good weather for me! Past trip links:
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