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May 1st, 2009 7:47 AM, 0 comments
How did I not find out about this show before now? It's so awesome.

WCG Ultimate Gamer is a reality show where contestants compete to see who the best is at real world activities (playing in a music band, dancing in a club, drifting cars, etc) and then also to see who the best is at a video game related to the activity (Rock Band 2, DDR Universe 3, Project Gotham Racing, etc). Not only is the first part of it great (like the trials in the original season of The Contender), but you (or at least I) gotta love the wet hot esports action. And then you add on the fact that the cast consists of mildly attractive 20-somethings and it becomes really interesting. The drama is obviously off the fucking charts.

I'm only 5 episodes in (out of 8 I think), and the game selection has been admittedly pretty lame (Virtual Fighter, Project Gotham). The event is sponsored by the WCG though, and those are staple games in their tournaments. Also the coverage so far has been really focused on the people, and not the games. I guess that's what reality shows are about, and it probably wouldn't be as interesting if a quarter of the show was the game, full screen.

I recommend you have a watch on Hulu of the first few episodes at the very least.
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