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Nov 7th, 2008 7:56 AM, 12 comments
My last 7 posts haven't been anything more than a few sentences and a picture or two. I realize that this sort of second-rate content saddens my fan base. Allow me to share both recent and upcoming events with you.

I saw George Winston on Monday at The Sandler Center for the Performing Arts with Sharon and my parents. It was a great show, though not unlike his other show that I saw back in 2004 (Dec 9th). This time was better though, because we sat on the correct side and were able to see his hands the whole time. The techniques he employs are amazing... he really hammers the keys. His performance got me further energized to start playing more. I've been wanting to get back to playing regularly, and had been messing around here and there, but now I've been doing it regularly since Monday. I'm trying to learn Heaven. Sharon's going to sing along.

We're headed up to Washington DC later today with our pals Amber and Drew. We're going to be staying at a lovely hotel near the city and seeing a Cirque Du Soleil show: Kooza. Since I like to collect things and I like to list things in my collections, here's a list of Cirque shows I've been to with my pals Amber, Andrew, and Sharon:
That's rather incomplete, and I feel like I'm missing one. I will probably complete it after I speak with Amber who will be able to recall the exact dates and locations.

It was pretty wild yesterday when I was driving to work. Despite the rain, it was a relatively uneventful drive without too much traffic. When I finally got off the main roads and turned onto Henneman Drive, I ended up behind this car whose license plate read: NOV 06. Wow, what are the chances? I wonder if he changes his plates everyday?

Finally, I put up a new and funny log.
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