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Oct 1st, 2008 6:37 PM, 2 comments
I had a seriously sweet night terror last night.

I vividly remember having one of those dreams where you're in a room that you know is your own, but the room doesn't actually resemble your own room at all (my bedroom in this case). I was just laying there in my bed, on a bright sunny day, staring up at the ceiling, which was extremely high -- probably 30 feet or so. All of a sudden, through some sort of secret trap door in the ceiling, this row of shopping carts starts pouring out, heading directly for my FACE.

Needless to say, it felt so real that I screamed out some choice words and got right the fuck up out of bed -- there was no way in hell that was I going to be killed by shopping carts! Sharon wasn't the least bit interested in being woken up at 3 in the morning, nor was she interested in what I thought was happening inside of our bedroom. She offered me some choice words, which freed me from a seriously intense and panicked state, allowing me to lay back down and try to go back to sleep with a heart that was probably racing 210bpm.

Good times.
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