Expand Winamp DropBox, gen_dropbox
Jul 28th, 2008 7:14 PM, 0 comments
I updated Winamp earlier today (to v5.54) after finally caving in to its nagging. During the installation process I noticed a bold item in the install set labeled "Winamp DropBox alpha (use: Ctrl-Shift-D)". My mind flooded with possibilities of what it could be, so I pressed my Ctrl, Shift, and D keys and played around a bit. It's essentially a separate playlist management window that allows dragging to and from, and some fancy sorting mechanism. Needless to say, it's Alpha and it needs a bit of work...

I actually thought I was missing something and was doing it wrong, so I set out on a mission to search all of the web pages on the internet using cuil (the worst search engine ever) for how to properly use the new feature. After cuil return ZERO RELEVANT RESULTS, I used Google and found this fantastic post:

I'm going to get shit faced tonight, cook up some hot ideas for new Winamp plug-ins, and post them in the Winamp forums. That apparently works.

On a side note, Winamp seriously needs to get with the times and implement an auto-update feature. FireFox, Thunderbird, and uTorrent all have it down pat.
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