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Jul 16th, 2008 8:13 AM, 4 comments
Eh. They were OK. NYTimes agrees.

The coolest thing I saw from Sony was the their movie service, which unlike the Microsoft/Netflix partnership, Sony's is already fully operational. They really seem to have done it right as well -- you can rent movies from $2.99 or purchase them from $9.99. You just get on the PlayStation Store, browse their movie catalog, choose a film, and download/stream it off the internet. They have both standard and high definition movies from the likes of Disney, Fox, Warner Bros, and (obviously) Sony Pictures. You can even transfer and watch them on your PSP, had you one.

Sony showed some expected titles like Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and Little Big Planet, but also God of War III, Resistance for PSP, and "MAG" (Massive Action Game) which is a first person shooter capable of hosting 256-player games. They actually used Little Big Planet as a presentation tool, like PowerPoint, to show off what Sony has been doing. You should watch the video -- it's terribly clever. There was no mention of any Square-Enix titles, including FFXIII, which I guess isn't surprising. I wonder if it was related to the Square-Enix/Microsoft partnership.

As for Nintendo, they've finally realized that the only good game they ever released for Wii was Wii Sports, so they're bringing us a sequel called Wii Sports Resort. Which actually requires an additional hardware purchase... for every controller you already own... for $50 each!

Wow. This whole "inexpensive" thing they're trying to push is complete rubbish. Sure the Wii itself costs $250 (which includes 1 controller set), but if you add on all of the hardware additions to make the console worth owning, it's no longer inexpensive. For example, who do you know that doesn't have at least 3, if not 4 controllers for their Wii? Considering the controller combo costs almost $60 ($18 + $40), that's an extra $180 you're going to spend taking your $250 up to $430 (only $20 less than 80GB PS3 with an additional DualShock 3 controller, because let's be honest, no one plays PS3 with 3 extra dudes). So, not only that, but let's say you want to play any of the Super Nintendo, N64, or Sega Genesis games they offer on Virtual Console -- then you need a classic controller for $20 each. What about playing racing games like Mario Kart? You might want the Wii Wheel for $10 each. A balance board will run you another $80. And finally, who knows how much all of the batteries you'll be using will cost.
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