Expand Delightfully Surprised
Jul 7th, 2008 9:04 PM, 3 comments
You may-should-probably know that I have a 30 second memory. So this morning when Jeff showed up in my office at work, I was supremely delighted. I had completely forgotten that today was going to be his first day. I even saw him on Saturday evening, where I was again reminded (after forgetting) that Monday was going to be his first day.

I forgot to post my bowling scores from last week. It was all-you-can-bowl from nine to midnight, so we were able to fit in 5 games. I bowled 'em straight though, because somehow I forgot how to roll the spinnin' balls. Maybe I'll be able to re-learn this week. After shaking off the dust, I didn't do all that bad, although I did lose 4 bucks.

96 99 143 146 116
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