Expand An Old Friend
Jun 29th, 2008 11:59 PM, 0 comments
Today, my pal and Ameer and I were talking about Diablo III. He was saying how he was excited about the game's release and wanted to play Diablo II in preparation. I told him that Diablo II was too old to enjoy unless you're playing it for the nostalgia factor, and suggested that we play Titan Quest instead. Titan Quest is an old friend of mine. I used to play it solo and sometimes with my pal David when it first came out. It was a great adventure.

I literally said "if it it's on Steam, I'll buy it". And it totally was. We both bought it the game and the expansion for a mere $20 at the same time. We had it downloaded and installed within an hour, although Ameer's went quicker because most of Europe is serious about internet. We played the game for almost half of the day (almost literally half). We played through the entire first Chapter (Greece) and half part of the second chapter (Egypt). I neglected some things I shouldn't have, but when gaming is this good, you just don't want to quit.

Now I need to sleep. Desparately.

On a side, but related note: Steam is seriously the most amazing system and software ever created. They increased their game library ten fold this year and added some fantastic features to their service. I added WarCraft III as a "non-steam" game to Steam today and found out that I could access the Steam community and friends list while inside of WC3. It works flawless and is some seriously impressive codes. Yea, I bitched about GameOverlayUI.exe earlier this month, but now that I understand its power, I love.
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