Expand Today Is Almost Over
Jun 27th, 2008 11:44 PM, 0 comments
Since I've run out of topics, this is more or less turning into What Langdon Did Today™. So let's get it over with.

Since I accrued so many hours this week at work, I only put in 5 total today. It would've been less if it wasn't for a very important meeting that I didn't want to miss. After work, I swung by old faithful to pick up Tactics A2, which I can't play yet because I haven't beaten Crisis Core. =X

Afterward, I picked up Sharon at home and we headed over to the dock beside One Fish-Two Fish for some boating action with some pals. The weather started out good, but turned foul within 30 minutes. It lightened up after another 30 minutes and turned out right nice. We did some diving, some swimming, and of course the ladies did some chatting. Props to the gracious hosts for inviting us out. And apologies to the Ungvarsky's for the inadvertent double booking and subsequent cancellation. =/
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