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Jun 26th, 2008 11:03 PM, 0 comments
We made our fixes in the morning, pushed our build out at 1:00 PM, patched it up over the next few hours, and pushed it out again at 5:30 PM. It went pretty smooth and was rewarding when it was all said at done. It's by no means perfect, but it's still classified as beta. We've got the next 6 weeks to tighten it up and really perfect it. It should be fun stress testing it and finding out what it's capable of.

I didn't get a chance to pick up Tactics A2, but there was no time to play it tonight anyway. We played our last kickball game tonight. We lost, but made the best of it and had fun because we didn't expect to win anyway. I had to referee the late game which was pretty ridiculous. I think purple wanted to fight me. Now that kickball is over, I can get back to my bowling pals on Thursday nights and keep more stats (1, 2, 3, 4)! Woot!
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