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Jun 22nd, 2008 10:45 PM, 1 comment
I managed to actually make some good progress against my to do list today. The weather was rubbish again and I had my fill of Team Fortress II earlier in the weekend, so I put some honest work in.

I've been working on a sort-of PHP framework over the past few months, which I originally started after getting some inspiration from Luke. The sort-of framework, in addition to new DPC stuff makes up the majority of my to do list. I've been having a great time with it so far, and at the same time, I'm doing a bunch of other new stuff as well. Currently, I'm trying to get used to VS.Php because of all the wonderful benefits it brings to the table (remote debugging, intellisense, code outlining, TODO tracking, PHPDoc support, auto-complete, auto-format, easy deployment and project management). Unfortunately right now there are two things that are driving me crazy (and may eventually cause me to go back to TextPad 5):

(1) The default indention level is 0 (no indention) and it doesn't consider <? ?> when indenting. So when I finish writing these 6 lines of code, I'm left with the following:

if (1)


The entire code block (with exception to the if) indents back over when I complete the statement by typing }. Additionally, indention gets rewritten whenever I make a line have valid code on it (by typing close parens, a semicolon, whatever). This is probably pulled over from the standard auto-formatting in C#, but the difference with C# files is that there aren't any silly <? or <% tags required.

(2) The second thing is something that I can probably overcome, but still annoys me. Auto-format adds tabs on empty lines! It shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it pains me to know that a tab or two exists on what should be an empty line, and I'll always have to waste my time cleaning up the stray characters.

Event with those annoyances, it's still a great product. I'm still on v2.4, but v2.5 was apparently released a short while ago and has some great new features. Maybe they even fixed the indention "bug"?

Side note: I was looking to see if I ever mentioned vs.php in a previous entry and came across a link to this website. Good times, but it's in need of some updates. ;)
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