Expand Machines
Jun 18th, 2008 9:59 PM, 0 comments
My machines are not properly cooled. I was playing Team Fortress 2 last night and my machine just shut off in the middle of playing. When I turned it back on, it froze... so I took the side off, blasted some canned air in there, and gave it 60 seconds before turning it on again.

When I got back into Windows, I downloaded a copy of SpeedFan and found out that my processor was running at 62° C, which Google would tell you is 143.6° F. I should probably buy a new CPU fan.

Fun pictures for you:

#1: Dude killed me, and as soon as he did, Ameer (on the bottom right in the red) blasted a rocket (on the bottom left) and exploded him (all the parts in the middle).

#2: nUI's face. We traded rockets... that's all that remained of him after the exchange.
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