Expand It Didn't Happen
Jun 17th, 2008 11:33 PM, 0 comments
I "went to bed" early... but I ended up just playing Crisis Core in bed until midnight or something. Senseless, I know, but it was definitely fun. And now it's 11:35 PM and I haven't yet wrote on this piece, haven't yet scheduled any challenges, and haven't brushed my teeth yet.

A friend showed me PicLens tonight. Normally I'm not so hot on downloading useless stuff like that, but the supported partners list made it more intriguing. I tried it out and enjoyed it enough to implement it on DPChallenge (results and photo search). It was pretty simple -- I almost did both and fixed a bug in the photo search in under an hour. Stupid htmlentities() crap was stored in the database though, and made the XML not validate. =/
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