Expand Maybe I'll Go To Bed Early
Jun 16th, 2008 10:09 PM, 1 comment
Ever since early/mid-May, when I got back from sailing, I haven't been getting any sort of decent sleep. I haven't made it to bed earlier than midnight more than 1 night in a row in longer than I can remember. So tonight, it'll be different. I'll go to bed when I'm done writing this and see how I feel tomorrow. And then tomorrow night, I'll try to do the same thing again. It'll be hard though, because there are so many things I want to right now instead of sleep. =[

I more-or-less wasted almost 3 hours of my night tonight at Michael's getting a print framed (and then Harris Teeter getting groceries). The lady who arrived at Michael's shortly before us literally had 9 or 10 prints framed and was picky about every damn one of them. I got to spend the time with Sharon though, so it wasn't totally wasted. Except I tend to get on her nerves because I get a little overzealous when I'm with her. =[

Also =[.
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