Expand Smoky Saturday
Jun 14th, 2008 10:58 PM, 3 comments
Some woods was lit the hell up last night or this morning, because the air was thick with smoke on the way to WEDDING class this morning (last one, yay). The air was pretty bad, but the class wasn't really at all. We were a lot more comfortable this week and all three teachers were fantastic (very charming and engaging). Sharon was even sweet enough to say that I listen well sometimes (she said it out loud in front of everyone!!). I need to send my epal the photography contract now and figure out the damned honeymoon. The rest is up the Sharon. ;)

Since I beat Final Fantasy VII in April, and Grand Theft Auto IV in May, I decided I needed to embark on a new adventure (what F'd up priorities I have). I played Final Fantasy VIII (that's 8, not 7) for more hours than I wish to admit tonight. The characters look a little funny when I have the settings cranked up on the latest version of EPSX. The game is actually more fun than I remember it being. I'm looking forward to beating it this time. I never finished it before, because I hated drawing magic and waiting on stupid GF animations in battle, so the fast forward key is coming in handy.

Hardly related, but why did they decide to misspell smoky when they made Smokey the Bear?

I'm going to have a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats now so I can go to bed with a full stomach, have some night terrors, and freak Sharon out. Update: Haha, this guy has some great night terror videos. I need to start recording mine. I've had some pretty good ones.
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