Expand Not Much Doing
Jun 11th, 2008 11:02 PM, 4 comments
I wasn't feeling so motivated tonight, so I really didn't do much. I got home around 5:15, ate some cereal, read my marriage book, tried to work some, played some Crisis Core instead, tried to work some more, and ended up playing Guitar Hero III instead. I decided to try and get 100% on a song, so I chose easy and picked my favorite -- Talk Dirty To Me. It took me two tries. Great success.

My apologies to Luke who took the time to comment on my 2+ monitors post and got cut off because the codes I wrote in 2003 were sub-par. I've fixed them now, but couldn't recover his (or my) comments.

While fixing, I found this hot script in the root of my web. Change the player names if you know of any other ones, or just click submit at the bottom to see how much more skilled Konador is. It's slow because is slow (it makes 3 requests to the site). Be sure to click on the track titles to see the lovely expanded details. Konador designed it all, I just wrote the codes.
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