Expand Discovery through Last.FM
Jun 9th, 2008 10:46 PM, 4 comments
I'm surprised that in the four years since Drew introduced me to Last.FM (then AudioScrobbler), I haven't used its features to discover new music more often. I've been listening to the absolute hell out of Escape The Fate recently, which I only discovered from Last.FM a month ago (by way of The Used). Listen to My Apocalypse if you're feeling up for it, but their whole Dying Is your Latest Fashion album is awesome. It's pretty hardcore, so if you don't like that sort of music and don't like this, I won't be offended (Sharon really loves it though).

Sorry about using a video to provide only music, but I really didn't want to attempt to share a song I liked using this piece of horse shit as my presentation. What kind of fucking asshole uploads that on YouTube? I'm tellin you. Even reading his profile, he says "i take vids at concerts and upload them so u can watch em for free..yea thats right free". BFD free -- you can't even watch that trash.

It's so easy to find things to write about!

Back to the point though, I also found two other good artists through Joshua Radin that I want to hear more of: Joe Purdy and Brett Dennen. Admittedly, I instantly liked Brett Dennen's sound, but feel like I could warm up to Joe Purdy. That's the thing with music for me lately -- just because I don't instantly love it (like I did Joshua Radin and a bunch of other arists), doesn't mean I won't love it after a second or third listen. You end up hearing things you didn't hear after a second listen and can come to appreciate hidden excellence. Give Ain't No Reason (Brett Dennen) a listen -- don't worry, it's like the polar opposite of Escape the Fate. Plus the video is killer.
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