Expand Beach Day
Jun 8th, 2008 9:22 PM, 1 comment
I spent a lovely 4 hours at the beach today with some good friends. Normally I'd call them co-workers, but I really like the people that I work and think that friends describes them a bit better. The weather was absolutely perfect as far as beach weather goes (it was probably in the upper 90s), and even though it's still early in the season, the water is already warming up. We had some pot luck foods along with some Ultimate Frisbee action. I could have stayed until it was dark. Sadly I don't have any pictures, because for some reason I've gotten out of the habit of carrying around my camera. =/

Unfortunately, that's about all I really had time for today. I stayed up late last night watching Along Came Polly (until midnight), and then after that was over I got sucked into A Lot Like Love. Ashton Kutcher does good work, and Amanda Peet is great.

Now I'm debating on whether or not to go out to the grocery store at 9:30 PM on a Sunday so I can have some ice cream and get stuff for lunch tomorrow. Update: I went and now I'm eating some Blueberry Morning before I eat my Breyer's Caramel Praline Crunch. Do yourself a favor and watch the review.
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