Expand Wedding Class #1
Jun 7th, 2008 10:28 PM, 2 comments
It wasn't so bad really -- the four hours we spent there went by fairly fast. I'm sure we got more out of it than we realize at this point in time. If anything, it was probably mentally draining, because I mean... look at the after-photo.

Something happened to the 450W power supply on my file server. It had been running for almost 4 years non-stop (literally) and earlier this week it was shut off when I came home from work. Pressing the power button would spin it up for a second, but it would die thereafter. I unplugged 2 out of the 7 drives inside from the power and it booted up fine. I'm not exactly sure how power supplies work, but I found that behavior to be very odd. I ordered a cheap 430W replacement ($40) from NewEgg and got it on Friday. I had no problems installing it, and now I'm back up and running. A happy ending!
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