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Jun 5th, 2008 10:26 PM, 3 comments
I bought Guitar Hero III back in January and played the mess out of it. I completed it on Easy, and then Medium, and then Medium Co-Op with Sharon (with me on a normal game controller and her on the guitar), and then I went back and tried to beat it on hard, failing at 80%. At that level, the game just got way too hard and became no fun at all. This was probably back in February or March, and I really haven't played much of any Guitar Hero III since then.

Earlier this week during lunch,I played Guitar Hero II with Chris and found myself really enjoying it. Afterward, I had a real desire to to play through Guitar Hero II and Rock the 80s at home, but Sony apparently doesn't know how to make the old PS2 Guitar Hero games work on PS3 with the new PS3 guitars. It was very disappointing.

What's probably more disappointing is the realization that the fun I had while playing Guitar Hero was attributed to the person I was playing it with. If only I had like... a roommate... you know -- someone that lived with me... that could play games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band with me sometimes. That would be great.
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