Expand The Luke Challenge And The 64-bit OS
Jun 2nd, 2008 11:17 PM, 1 comment
Yesterday when I read the new addition on Luke's blog site, I thought he might be again attempting to publish a new blog article every day for the month of June. Luke tried and succeeded in doing this way back in August of 2004. I coincidentally tried and failed during the same month.

I considered joining him in what I assumed were his efforts, but then decided it would be too difficult. Instead I had planned on just enjoying the fruit of his labors, but now it's 11:15 PM on the 2nd of June and there's nothing new at his web address. So I've come up with my own challenge: I'm going to post every day that Luke doesn't. Come 10:00 PM every day this month, I will check Luke's Uniform Resource Locator and if there is nothing new, I will then post something of my own on my internet destination. So without further ado, here's day 1.

It's a 64-bit world now, and as of tonight, I am totally compatible. What's this mean exactly? Not a whole shit of a lot. You see, I installed Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit earlier this evening. You? You're probably running a 32-bit operating system. Don't worry though, you aren't missing out on anything great. I mean, sure my version Windows boots up twice as fast as yours, my applications run at double the speed yours do, and my internet hypertext markup language streams at speeds your computer isn't even capable of processing. So maybe it does in fact mean a whole shit of a lot. Look on the bright side though: your next operating system will probably be 64-bit and you'll enjoy all the great enhancements I've been enjoying for the past few hours now.

PS: If you didn't get a chance to read the May In Review post, now's your chance!
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