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May 31st, 2008 11:26 PM, 0 comments
Can't have a month go past without having written anything, so let me try to sum up what happened in May in a few short and sweet bullet points.
  • Andrew Ungvarsky was asked to be my best man and he accepted. This technically happened in April, but I hadn't yet announced it, AND it's hot news.
  • Birds tried to nest all up in the exhaust vent of my downstairs bathroom and I swiftly put a stop to that nonsense.
  • I went on what was to be the ultimate sailing trip with my father and my brother, but the weather was total shit and ruined our plans for glory. If you were bored, you could view the trip map (follow along on the left), view the trip pictures, and/or view the trip videos. Either way you win.
  • Attended the wedding of Jeff Elder and Sarah.. uhm.. Elder. I took a pretty great photo at it too.
  • Had a lovely Memorial Day cookout... at Drew's place. Hehe. Also drank some Bud Light with Lime there, and crushed the womens at some board games.
  • Played a round of Golf at Ocean View Golf Course with Ben, Alan, and Andy. I played poor on the first 9, but made up for it on the back (57 and 43, for a total of 100 -- should've shot in the 90s).
  • Watched There Will Be Blood and afterward, drank some people's milkshakes.
  • Got an awesome recipe for Salmon from my mom and applied it twice in one week. It's incredible -- I should have you over and make it for you.
  • The person that I spend most of my waking hours with had a little baby boy.
  • I beat Grand Theft Auto IV (78% completed) and saw both endings. This list is subject to change pending any memory jogging that happens in the few days following the original post date.
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