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Apr 20th, 2008 6:30 PM, 0 comments
There's not enough time in life. It was all I could do to spare 30 minutes out of my busy weekend to write something here so that later on in life, when hopefully time isn't so precious, I'll be able to look back at all the fun things I did.

Sailing Update: It's getting closer! My Dad emailed out the itinerary, so to get a better visual I plugged it into Google Maps (follow along on the left, here is last year's itinerary). I'm really hoping I can avoid getting sick again. I plan on bringing both cameras this time -- my new point and shoot for some casual shots and my D-SLR with Tripod for some more daring shots (we'll see how ballsy I feel when I'm out there).

Kickball: The hot kickball team I'm on, Recess Rejects, won their first game on Thursday. I think the score was 3-1. I'm proud to say that I had absolutely nothing to do with the victory as I only got up to kick once, getting some girl out as a result of my kick, and I only fielded twice without ever touching the ball. I rule.

Ultimate: We've been playing the hell out of some Ultimate (Frisbee) during lunch at work on Fridays and sometimes Thursdays. It's really been a blast -- I didn't expect it to be as fun as it is. There's even been talk of finding a league to play in. I'm posting up pics from our games ~weekly (I don't think I actually took any of them though):

Final Fantasy VII: I bought a PlayStation in 1997 in anticipation of the release of Final Fantasy VII later that year. When it finally came out, I only ever played through the first 10 hours or so and never beat it. This was either because I had a girlfriend at the time or because I was more interested in writing VB3 codes to hack AOL. Either way, I've always wanted to finish it, and so I did just recently. I played it on an emulator and turned on frame skip (fast forward) during the a lot of the scenes. The game said 42 hours, but using the frame skip feature, it probably only took me 25 or so.

Here are some lovely scenes from the final moments of game play: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6

Paramore: I've been listening to Paramore non-stop for the last month. That's all.
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