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Dec 11th, 2007 11:34 PM, 9 comments
Sharon and I went to Fort Myers, Florida this weekend for some hot vacation action. We flew out of ORF on Thursday evening, had a brief stop in ATL, and finally landed at RSW around 11:00 PM. We then proceeded to pick up the hottest of rental cars:

Mercedes C230
the Mercedes C230

It was pretty expensive, but absolutely worth it. It was a joy to drive around for 4 days and almost 700 miles. We drove it to the top of the keys on Friday Night, back on Saturday Night, and all in and around Fort Myers and Sanibel Island. The sweetest features were the variable speed windshield wipers that could tell when and how hard it was raining, and the digital cruise control. Other notable features included the fully electronic seat adjustments, steering wheel radio controls, and automatic ... wait, what the hell am I going on about my rental car for?

I proposed to Sharon on Friday night! And she said yes! Actually she said "well, yea, I guess", but that's at least an affirmative response, right? I'm very excited about moving on and writing the next chapter in our lives. It's a shame I waited so long, but this way, I know she's the perfect fit for me.

We're shooting for August 2008, but that might conflict with another pal's wedding. Preferably, I'd like it to happen on August 10th, so we can share that day with another hot couple, but Sunday isn't the greatest day for weddings.

Until next time.
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