Expand South Park Almost Sold Me
Nov 19th, 2007 10:16 PM, 1 comment
I caught up on some TV tonight with a 4-episode marathon of Scrubs and a single episode of South Park. The South Park episode, entitled Guitar Queer-o, was an extremely well-timed and poignant episode about the release of Guitar Hero III. Feel free to enjoy the best scene from the episode. S'brilliant. Real guitars are for old people.

I had no intention of buying the game, since I already had my fill at work playing Guitar Hero II on PS2 with my pals, but the music they selected in the episode made me really want to go out and buy the game immediately. I was seriously considering it, until I realized that they just selected all of the best tracks from four different Guitar Hero games (I, II, Rock the 80s, and III). They even used one that wasn't ever in a Guitar Hero (Skid Row - I Remember You).

Since I have a PS3, I could just go buy the new game, the whole back catalog, and a new guitar, but I'm not about make a $200 investment on Guitar Hero. So until every song from every Guitar Hero game ever is provided as DLC on PSN (downloadable content on the PlayStation Network) for a nominal fee, I'll just have to learn the solo for Every Rose Has Its Thorn on a real guitar.

Great story right?
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