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Nov 15th, 2007 11:02 PM, 5 comments
I had dinner with my parents and two of their friends a few months back. The topic of retirement came up in conversation since 4 out of the 6 people at the table were actually of the age to retire and only 1 out of 4 of those had actually done so. The lone retiree, my Dad, mentioned how great it was and how free he felt, while the others listed their reasons for not retiring yet. I chimed in with how much I'd absolutely love to retire as soon as possible, and how I'd retire the next day if possible. They were taken aback by my desire to retire so young and inquired about what I'd do exactly if I did retire tomorrow.

That's when some extremely stupid shit came out of my mouth and I pretty much embarassed myself. You see, I'm horrible under pressure. Not that questions coming from my parents and their friends constitute as `pressure`, but the focus was on me to explain myself. Any time the focus is soley on me to do anything, I crack and crumble like a scared kid who just got caught stealing. So then my answer:

Duhh, urrhh, well of course I'd play some video games.

That got some chuckles, which threw me off my train of thought causing me to not be able to come up with anything substantial thereafter. The conversation quickly shifted so that I was never able to redeem myself. Seriously though... play fucking video games? That's all I could come up with? I have way more desires than to simply sit around and play fucking video games all day, every day. Not that I wouldn't play my fair share of games if I did retire, mind you, but I have a lot of other interests in my life.

I've probably thought about that conversation and my pathetic response at least once a week since that dinner. Over the weeks I've remembered all of the things I remember day dreaming about when I considered early retirement over the past few years. My two biggest desires include picking the piano back up (I remember I used to be able to play this, but flawlessly), and learning to read, write, and speak Japanese. Those two items alone would've made me come across a lot better than I did by blurting out "VIDEO GAMES!". I also want to lift weights regularly, improve my photography, get better at golf, find a regular tennis partner, run more, learn how to dance, get better and singing and playing guitar simultaneosly, and most importantly work to improve DPC and bring it to the next level.

So why don't I just do these things while holding down a career? Simple: Doing all these things at the level I want to do them at could fill a few lifetimes. There are only 24 hours in a day, and at best, a mere 5-7 hours in the evening of free time. There is only so much energy one has in a given day to perform, and most of that seems to get used up in the day time during `career` hours. You have to prioritize your interests and personal goals, and unfortunately my available time just doesn't allow me to appease my insatiable appetite for life.

Plus, I'm going to die soon.. so why bother anyway?

Completely off topic, this is my favorite song.
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