Expand Portal: Best Game Ever
Oct 21st, 2007 3:54 PM, 1 comment
Probably not the best game ever, really, but certainly the most refreshingly original and satisfying game I've played in many years. I beat it last week, after roughly 4 hours of play time. Normally you hear a number of complaints following the release of a game that only takes a mere 4 hours to complete, but I feel that it was the perfect length. And perfect difficulty. And they included some achievments, bonus maps, and challenge maps giving you the perfect replayability.

That said, I think I'm done playing it for now. I'm giving up on unlocking all of the achievements, due to the fact that I'm not skilled enough to complete some of the near-impossible challenges they've set out. I'm pleased with what I was able to unlock. What's not shown there are 3/6 challenge maps completed with at least Silver in all three categories. The other 3 maps are retardedly difficult to even consider doing in as little time or steps as possible.

I suck at words and everything above doesn't give the game proper credit. Enjoy this Zero Punctuation Review of The Orange Box. The guy is a genius.

If you're a quitter like me and have already beaten the game, or never plan on playing it, LLCoolDave is the best Portal Gamer ever. Check these two videos: Chamber 18 - Least Portals and Chamber 13 - Least Steps (4).

This one, from another guy is fucking cheap, but effective.. I tried for 5 minutes to do it, but couldn't manage: Chamber 17 - Least Portals (0)

Funny note: At the time I wrote this, I checked my spelling of mere by googling for `mere 4 hours`... the first result? Portal Gameplay to last a mere 4 hours « The Xbox Domain.
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