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Jul 11th, 2007 3:35 PM, 0 comments
As I sit here reading all of the announcements out of E3 that are in trickling in through the various RSS feeds, I can't help but feel grossly unimpressed:

PS3 These are arguably the biggest announcements from Sony so far (aside from the PS3 price drop). And what are they offering? The same old shit. Unreal fucking Tournament? Haven't people already had enough?

A slimmer PSP? Out of the roughly 300 games released for the PSP so far, maybe 3% of them are actually worth playing. Additionally, the whole problem I personally have with the PSP is that it's already TOO SLIM to begin with. The control stick (digital and analog) are awfully quirky. I thought it'd be a good idea to put Mortal Kombat 1/2/3 (by way of Midway Classics) on my PSP for a trip this weekend. Every time I went to play it, I quickly got frustrated because of the lack of precision on the two control sticks..

And finally Killzone 2 had so much promise back in 2005. Yea, 2 years ago, the "demo" that came out looked so amazing -- I must have watched the video at least 50 times (I still have it saved on my work computer after 2 years). Now, two years later, while the visuals probably look just as good, the motion/movement of the characters doesn't even look half as good as they tried to fake it to look back in '05. That and yea, it's another first person shooter.

Wii Uh, wow, fun. It's a shame that Nintendo has been spending their time on a fucking electronic stepper instead of maybe something cool like making Virtual Console work multiplayer over the internet (with maybe a match-making system to boot). A damn shame. Oh but wait, they do have online titles. Sports titles. Sports titles from Electronic Arts, who has become more or less of a fucking sweatshop, pumping out as many as half-assed titles as they possibly can, just to make a buck. Tiger Woods for Wii is total shit, and I expect nothing more from Madden or Fifa.

And wow, a new channel where you can vote on whose Mii looks the best! Exciting! Certainly at least 70% of the 5 million Wii owners are already bored with making Miis at this point? Mario Kart at least might be fun. Might be.

I didn't see anything too impressive coming out about Microsoft either, but I don't own an Xbox, so what do I know?
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