Expand An Acceptable End To An Awful Week
Jun 8th, 2007 2:32 PM, 5 comments
I topped off the week from hell with a nice visit to the pool this afternoon. I dipped out of work at noon since I'd already put in my 40 hours for the week, and realized on the way home that the weather was just too perfect not to take advantage of. It was nice and relaxing even despite the fact that some ladies showed up and started moaning about all of the "awful" things happening around "the community". People complain about the most hilarious things -- and I just laugh at them. I said people, but what I really meant was women. Sorry.

In retrospect, I belive this week was the worst I've had so far at my current job. I felt like I was back at Trader again. Something needs adjusting.

PS: Luke Bilger impresses me, he's going to be rich.

Update: I experienced the worst traffic I ever had during my drive to Richmond: an 8-mile backup starting at Chesapeake Boulevard, ending after the bridge-tunnel. That was shitty. Then it got better for a bit and now it's shitty again. Here's to having it behind me. Sort of.
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