Expand New Office
Jul 5th, 2005 4:05 PM, 6 comments
Not only at home do I have a new office to enjoy, but last week at work we moved off of the naval base and into some commercial space off Robin Hood Road. This was pretty awesome for a number of reasons.. most importantly being a shorter drive. Another reason, is that I actually get to sit in an office all day long in a nice leather chair, instead of in a cubicle in back-breaking chair.

For our second lunch, Cameron, my office mate, and I went to Target (for snacks and I needed a lamp to match his) and to Home Depot for Phil, our new friend. Phil is about to sprout a new leaf... in fact I've been away for 5 days and might have already missed it. Actually come to think of it, Phil could be dead from neglect. =[

Chris took this panoramic and said it wouldn't stitch, but sure enough it did.

This was pretty boring, sorry you had to read it. I'll put up a pic of my lamp (and bamboo garden) later.
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