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Jun 30th, 2005 11:59 AM, 3 comments
It's already June 30th 2005 somehow and I haven't written a damn thing in more than a month. I've had plenty to scribe about, but just kept putting it off for 1 reason or another. Now the time has come for me to try to sum up ~30 days of my life in one entry.

Late in May Sharon and I hung out with Amber and Drew for an evening of food and games. Like old times, Drew and I brought our cameras out with us. We were supposed to have a *challenge*, but Drew never put his pictures up. Mine are here. So I won.

Early in June, I headed up to Richmond to celebrate my father's birthday, my brother's engagement, and Lidia and Nick's wedding (I didn't ask for permission, so I won't be providing a picture). All three events were splendid. Some other mentionable things probably happened that weekend that I just can't remember.

I think the weekend after that, Sharon and I were invited next door by our new neighbors where we drank from noon until midnight. It was righteous. They're really great, he's in the Army, and she's.. well I can't really remember what exactly she does -- something with numbers I think. Noah and Tiffany came over too and partook in the ridiculousness. The best part is, the very next weekend, while Sharon was in New Jersey, they invited me over for dinner and I got even more drunk than the previous weekend. I did some drunk IMing too. It was good times.

At some point this or last month, I decided that I wanted hard wood floors in my office. I did some researching and realized that what I really wanted was laminate. After getting some advice from Noah, Monday the 14th, I tore up the carpet in my office and swept the floor. Tuesday I leveled out part of the floor, laid the first planks, and figured out the cuts I needed for the doorway. Wednesday I cut the door planks and put them into place. Thursday I cut planks around the vent and figured out the angle of the wall. Friday I picked up a fresh box of planks after realizing the night before that due to so many chipped pieces I'd need another box. I also finished up most of the flooring leaving only the last 3 and a half rows for Saturday morning. And you guessed it -- Saturday morning I finished the job and went to pick out paint at Benjamin Moore. I was originally going for something like this (the Pergo sample image used with the planks I bought), but realized that I wanted a bit more punch, so I found some colors and worked them up in photoshop: one two. I liked the second and so did some others I asked, so I went with that. Unfortunately when I laid the first patch on the wall after buying two gallons, it looked a bit peachy. I went ahead with it anyway and was happy with the results. The painting took place on Sunday and Monday, I believe. Tuesday or Wednesday I put down the quarter round and took some photos.

I need to find the perfect desk, which is proving to be an impossible task. I found two decent ones from Office Max. One, the shape is great, but I don't know about the raised center and computer shelf. I wouldn't take the shelving on the right. Two, is good -- I'd just be taking the two corners to make an L. The main part looks nice and thick, but I'm not sure if the color works OR if the more slender part of the L would work out where I want to put it. I saw some of the furniture that Drew got from Ikea too which looked nicer than I figured it might when I saw it while trying to use their POS office builder application. I'll find something eventually. As a reference, this is a panoramic of how it looked before. I won't be putting the Final Fantasy posters back up, since they won't match :(. I'm going to buy a DPCPrint or two or three. I also need a rug or two, a love seat, a table or two, and some plants.

To Be Continued...
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