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May 18th, 2005 7:35 AM, 11 comments
E3 is going strong this week. For the past 10 years I would normally only get to read about E3 after it happened in an issue of Nintendo Power, PCGamer, or more recently IGN. Now, thanks to G4/TechTV I can watch 2 hours of E3 coverage every night for 3 days! And while I normally hate everyone on TechTV (except for Sarah Lane) I was actually impressed by the commentary and interviews coming from people like Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, and Kevin Pereira. That's the first wow.

The second wow is that I was scared Microsoft was going to take over console gaming with Xbox 360. They first tried to hype everyone up with a 30 minute special on MTV showcasing the system. And then their release date is potentially six months before the PS3's and the Revolution's (Nintendo). Well, fortunately for me, Microsoft is run by retarded apes and it turns out that their MTV special AND their E3 press conference were both terribly unimpressive. None of the clips that I saw screamed next-generation. They're putting so much effort (like they do in the PC world) into silly integration of even sillier shit. They're saying that with the new Xbox Live you can make your own store and sell t-shirts! Who gives a fuck? Adam Sessler was interviewing the VP of Xbox, J Allard, and asked him straight up, what his response is to what Sony showed. His reply was that Xbox Live is going to be so intergrated and awesome and you'll be able to sell t-shirts and have a profile online!

Someone fire him immediatley.

PS3's press conference, on the other hand, blew me away. You can argue that some of the videos they showed were pre-rendered, however the technical demos they showed (which there is a very small chance they were prerecorded) were simply awesome. Even better, these aren't just my opinions -- I was promptly validated by the commentary coming from the G4/TechTV guys and news everywhere. As it stands right now, the PS2 has a little less than 50% of the market. They deserve it... and I expect them to continue to hold it.

I'm not even going to mention Nintendo.. er, oops. I lost hope for Nintendo a few months after N64 came out... their game lineup is just unimpressive. One thing to mention though is that the Revolution will be able to play N64, SNES, and NES games... via some downloadable interface... Seems like a strange decision to me, but I guess they can't have 3 different slots for the 3 different cartridges.

Oh and while doing journal entry research (I will never call this Blogging, faggots), I came across this, which is just plain awesome.
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