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Apr 25th, 2005 2:57 PM, 1 comment
What have I done lately to deserve two episodes of Contender in one night?? It must have been something really nice. Unfortunately my favorite fighter, Ahmed Kaddour came back AND LEFT in the same night. I loved every minute of his on screen appearance though. He rules. Maybe because he reminds me of my friend Lamar from Richmond or maybe it's just because he's a funny/cocky dude. Oh well, at least Ishe is gone. He was a prick. And I don't even think it's one of those cases where TV portrayed him as a prick... I think he's just a huge prick. I HATE HIM!!1 Best quote of the evening: "..Ishe punches with so much power but he's used to hitting something.." -Sergio. Zing!

I tried all weekend to find a suitable place to buy a camera online who could also deliver it to me by Friday. Today is supposedly passover, so a bunch of the stores I'd normally buy from were/are closed... and Newegg was/is out of stock. For a minute I thought the lord didn't want me to have a camera and so I repented a bit. Then this morning I called up 17th Street Photo (hot name, obvious reasons) and they hooked me up proper (or so I think). I'm going to Myrtle Beach this weekend so I'll have a new environment to practice in. Unfortunately the 20D isn't the kind of camera I can take golfing with me (assuming we do golf), so I'll have to bring along the C-700 too. Maybe I'll put up the photo page again.
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