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Mar 23rd, 2005 12:00 AM, 3 comments
At Christmas, Sharon and I received a gift certificate for Mystery Dinner Playhouse in Williamsburg. We invited Amber and Drew along for our monthly get-together (=[) and headed out around 6:15 on Saturday Night. We made it all the way to the HRBT without any traffic trouble when all of a sudden we're stopped dead a quarter of a mile before the tunnel entrance. It was awesome -- long story short, we sit there for 45 minutes, miss our reservation at 7:30, and come up with an alternate plan to eat at one of two really classy joints that Amber knows about. Fat Canary was by reservation only, so we ended up eating at The Trellis, which was directly across the street. The food was pretty great, in my opinion -- I got duck! Duck is probably the tastiest meat you can get assuming there's some skin left on it (that sounds pretty revolting, actually, but it's true). Not only was the food great, but I also had just a good time in general. Even though Drew and Amber live 500 feet away, we don't hang out nearly as much as we should. Sharon and Amber managed to kill a bottle+ of wine and were fun to laugh at, Drew asked me if I'd be his best man in his wedding, and on the way home we hit even MORE traffic at the HRBT and ended up doubling back and taking 664. Obviously the more important part of that sentence is that Drew asked me to be his best man. It's going to be a tough job, but I'm ready for it. I'm thinking something a little classier than Jeff's 21st birthday and with a better result than Drew's 21st.

Friends are great to have. I'm realizing this more and more. Unfortunately I really, really enjoy my home life too. I need to find a balance between the two. I can count on my fingers the things I've done this year besides hang out at home: Winger's thing at the oceanfront, Visiting my sister in Charlotte, Dinner at the Johnson's, Noah's Birthday, poker at Chris', Jordan's thing at Havana's, and a few dinners with Amber/Drew. I'm pretty sure that's all I've really done this year... and it's practically April. =[

I've got a new pet peeve: People who leave messages on voice mails/answering machines and start them by saying "it's me". Seriously, if you're so confident that I'll know who you are by your voice alone then why bother supply me with such useful information? Just get to the point and skip the formalities.

I've been listening to some Joe Hisaishi lately (not that Joshua Radin has fallen under my radar). Joe has a ton of albums, but I've been listening to the more recent "Freedom - Piano Stories 4", which has 9 tracks. Here's one of the more notable ones. It's pretty incredible and sounds just like the title.
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