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Mar 13th, 2005 10:59 PM, 5 comments
Carnivale is shaping up to be a pretty incredible 24 hour movie. I didn't catch tonight's episode, but I'll be checking it out tomorrow night for sure. The second (and apparently last) season is severely interesting so far.. everything is being explained and it's all playing out very creatively. Unlike some TV shows...

Sharon and I watched Closer last night. I don't know what to say about it -- I have mixed feelings. I'm definitely glad I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed doing so, but it was pretty confusing at times. The story line seemed to jump from present to past and back without warning or indication. The cinematography was great and the dialogue, excellent. Nothing like sharp wit coupled with British Jargon -- do people really talk like that in real life? I don't think so, but I recommend seeing it anyway.

Third episode of The Contender aired tonight and had me on my toes for the third time. The first two episodes built up to this third episode by depicting this huge rivalry betwen two contenders. Unfortunately, this episode was a let down because the guy I wanted to stay lost. I could probably stop watching the show altogether since they didn't leave anything hanging in the balance for next week. But knowing reality TV, they'll hype up some hot shit and rope me right back into it next week when I decide to watch. Boxing usually isn't that interesting to watch, nor is any sport, but when you get invested in knowing the fighters and understanding the stakes, it becomes more intriguing. That and they paraphrase the 5 round fight and show all of the more intense hits in slow motion.
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