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Mar 2nd, 2005 10:54 PM, 5 comments
Last night's episode of Scrubs was fantastic. It started out just OK, but ended very well. Turns out good ol' Braff directed it. That should have been pretty obvious though, with the sped-up scenes a-la Garden State. Another reason it was such a great episode is that it featured a new-ish song by Josh Radin. Josh had another song featured in the very best episode of Scrubs to date (episode: My Screwup, song: Winter). I ended up buying his CD after finding the web site... And I never buy CDs.

I had to renew my membership at the gym yesterday. I got another 3 months, but will have to go it alone because Jordan's got other plans. I saw the doctor this morning because my forearm's been hurting. Turns out I got some periostitis type action going on (he said it'd like a shin splint, where the muscle is cutting into the bone). Apparently I can't do preacher curls anymore. I mean, I can, but it'll just continue to hurt. =[
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