Expand Oops, GT4!
Mar 1st, 2005 12:58 AM, 3 comments
It's already March, wtf mate? I've had a half-typed journal about Gran Turismo 4 sitting hidden in my junks for for a week+ now. At first, I really didn't like the game.. The first impression I got was that it was just a slightly-polished GT3. Though, over the past two weeks, I've found there's more to it than meets the eye.

Don't get me wrong, but it really seems like one of three scenarios happened: (1) The developers got really lazy, (2) the people in charge pushed the developers for the wrong features, (3) the developers took too long perfecting what they had. I mean, there's a car wash... but there's no "paint your car" feature. The car wash does pretty much nothing. You can change your oil, which magically boosts the horsepower of your vehicle, but if you want to change wheels, you can only pick from 1 size. You can watch a replay of your car driving around the track and you can take pictures of it (omfg wow, so useful), but when you purchase a new exhaust, the appearance of it on your car does not change. The AI is absolutely terrible.. it follows a set path around the track, and I assume, if it gets bumped it just gets back onto that path. At the beginning of a race, you can position your car on this invisible path, stop, and when AI-controlled cars come around, instead of moving out of the way of your car, it'll just slam right into you.

It's not a very balanced game either.. it seems like only a few cars can win certain races. If you race the "Sunday Cup", there ard a handful of cars that you will race against. So if you save up some money and buy a nicer car, you can go back and basically lap the AI in that series of races. If I was developing the game, I would have based the opponent line up on what car you're running in the race. Would've make it a more fun and challenging game that way.

I'm actually wondering now, if I didn't have the steering wheel, would I enjoy the game as much? It doesn't really matter though, because I do. I've put a bit of time into it over the past two weeks -- more than I'd like to admit. It appeals to my obsessions -- I get to collect money, trophies, and cars! My garage is pretty pimped out at the moment. I started the game with a Lexus IS200 (they only IS300 they had was the gay-ass Sportcross). From there, I bought a Prelude TypeS, an Impreza STi, an S2000 which I won a ton of money and at least 6 Plymouth Prowlers with. Tonight, I won Chris an IROC-Z. You can come over and drive it around the block if you want.

My setup is pretty bad. I want to build a nice cockpit, but don't really have the know-how. Some friends offered to help, but I don't really have the room for one.
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