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Aug 10th, 2004 10:40 PM, 1 comment
The hardest part about writing a journal entry every day is coming up with a damn title. The content part is easy -- I just type random crap into langdonx.txt throughout the day as a reminder. So now you're wondering what's on the list for today.

Sharon got all four of her wisdom teeth out this morning at 9am. She was pretty skrrd, but I think she realized that it wasn't so bad after it was over. You know she looks pretty dang cute when all you can see are her eyes because the rest of her face is wrapped up with gauze and packs of frozen peas. No really, she does look cute.

I found out a few weeks ago a childhood friend got into a pretty serious car accident. I found out a few more details tonight. It's a pretty fucked up situation. I have his phone number -- I should probably call -- but I wouldn't know the first thing to say. I probably haven't seen him since elementary school. I could probably tell him that I live close to Sandbridge now and ask if he remembers the time I went with his family on vacation there. We used to steal cigarettes and play Street Fighter II at the small grocery store right on Sandbridge road. I'd ask if he remembers the one time we got caught and lied to get out of any trouble. That's the only story I can really remember. I hate myself.

Happy anniversary @ Luke & Kris.
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