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Aug 9th, 2004 8:08 PM, 0 comments
Myrtle Beach was a lot of fun. Thanks to Luke for updating my site twice while I was gone. Unfortunately he couldn't get through the first post without linking to his own web site. ;) I wish I could say that the vacation was relaxing, but it really wasn't. Since it was only 2 full days, there wasn't a moment to spare. I'll need a real vacation at some point. Like Luke said, the golf score wasn't so hot. It was the second time I played in over a year and post-surgery. The first time I played this year was two weeks ago -- I shot a 116! This weekend I played 1 full round of 18 and 1 round of 9. The first round, I shot a 111 (improvement). And I got a 54 on the round of 9 (more improvement). If it wasn't so damned expensive, I'd probably play a lot more. The courses were nice -- we played the Love (18) and Norman (9) course. They both had some amazing scenery and reminded me yet again of how I want a boat.

I realized on Friday that my Game Boy Advance would play classic Game Boy games. So I whipped out Final Fantasy Legend. I played the shit out of this when I was 9 and 10. I managed to get through 3/4ths of the game and remembered 90% of it. That fine-ass chick in the picture is "Shar". The game only allows 4 letters in a character's name.

I also came back to find a nice surprise from Cox -- they finally took a step in the right direction with their services:

> Transfer(00DCF558): 9.67 MB transferred in 163.50 seconds (60.58 KB/s).
< Transfer(00DCF558): 142.79 MB transferred in 294.66 seconds (496.24 KB/s).
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