Expand I'm not always there when you call
Aug 8th, 2004 10:47 PM, 1 comment
Lang didn't call tonight, so Luke took the liberty of writing things Lang was never going to tell you.

Last day in Myrtle Beach. All I can say is an 8 hour drive then happiness. zub zub.

Tomorrow is going to be a touchy day for me. I'm scared my boss might actually offer Luke a job. This would devastate me. You see right now I get all the glory, but if Luke comes its gonna be 'Lang Who?'. He runs circles around me in coding. Rumor has it that my company wants to downsize its programming staff and Luke is the means to do it. I actually wrote about this same idea before.

If Luke does get hired, then there is always strategic partnerships. I ride his coat-tails all the time in warcraft. I'll do the same at my company.
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