Expand My So-Called Vacation
Aug 7th, 2004 9:07 PM, 0 comments
Lang is on vacation this weekend and doesn't have access to the internet. In his absence, Luke is writing his daily journals for him. The writing is mostly accurate and is based on the phone conversation Luke and Lang had on Saturday night.

WTF DUDE LOL ROFLMAO!!!! Its like I'm in the MUSTANG capital of the world. Does North Carolina give out free Mustangs with the issuing of a license plate? Apparently so.

Tonight reminded me of why I never go shopping in Virginia. If I didn't have my cell phone to call Luke, I'd probably be knocking over expensive merchandise and yelling out obscenities. I mean all they we do is go from one shitty shop to the next thinking they'll we'll find some cool little souvenier to show friends. If I was home right now, I'd be blowing 375 gold at Luke's Voodoo Lounge to buy a hot lightning orb.

So, really, I drove 8 hours to do the same shit here that I could have done at home. Next time, I'll drive 20 minutes to the stupid boardwalk and buy some gay little seashells that some freshman-college-student-working-his-summer-job 'mined' that morning 100 yards away on the beach. Golfing is my saving grace right now. I went golfing today and am going golfing tomorrow. My golf score today was like my APM (actions per minute) in Warcraft. THATS NOT VERY GOOD BY THE WAY. I'll do better tomorrow.

We ate at Greg Norman's Australian Grill. I had duck and it was superb. It was by the water. I saw a lot of boats. I want a boat now. I want my damn laptop now.
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