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Aug 6th, 2004 4:41 PM, 2 comments
It's Friday -- I made it.

I'm off to Myrtle Beach tonight. It should be good times if I can just get through the drive. Six hours of driving after a full 8-hour day of work isn't so appealing. I have one job while I'm away for the weekend. I need to find green things to photograph. Sharon bought this nice frame for the bathroom with 4 or 5 3x3 slots. The bad/sad thing is that my photography has sucked for a while now. This might be an impossible job. Hopefully some fresh scenery will aid me in my task.

Luke had an interview today with my boss. I don't really know if I'm allowed to type that here. Either way, my boss told me the first thing that Luke said to him was "if you think Langdon is good, wait until you see me". I need to be witty like that under pressure.

Drew showed me AudioScrobbler today. It's pretty fantastic. It keeps track of what you play through your favorite audio player and groups you up with other people who have similar musical interests. There are a lot of VGM fans on there too. It should be good times. Sign up if you're into it.
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