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Aug 5th, 2004 7:05 PM, 2 comments
I'll be leaving tomorrow night for Myrtle Beach. This leaves only a few hours tonight to prepare for a long journey. Since Alienware let me down hard core by taking their fucking time building my laptop, my entertainment to, during, and from the trip will be from my Archos G-Mini 220 and my GBA. And since I only have 1 GBA game that I already beat, I'll be listening to an ass-load of music. A serious ass-load.

You may be wondering why this requires preparation though. A few months ago my MP3 drive crashed and my G-Mini broke. I bought a new hard drive, but haven't gotten around to filling it back up with music. And my G-Mini replacement had a freshly formatted drive with no music. Here is a list of files on my GMini at the time I wrote this. It's missing lots of stuff. Namely Pinback.
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