Expand It's Only Tuesday -- The 3rd
Aug 3rd, 2004 5:50 PM, 5 comments
So here's the plan -- try real hard like Luke to write something every day this month. And here's the problem -- I'll be in Myrtle Beach this weekend from Friday through Monday. So here's the revised plan -- try real hard to write something every day this week. Now I present day two of five:

I tried real hard at work (I try real hard a lot) to make a ListView in HTML. I failed though. If you resize one of the columns past the width of the container, the vertical scrollbar goes too far. I don't really know of an easy way to fix it. I could have a tall div with a bunch of BRs (1 BR for each row) and use its scroll methods to change the top of the table cell container. Maybe I'll do that. Maybe.

More Doom III stories. I played again last night for 45 minutes in the dark while Sharon was out. It was great, but I really need to invest in some surround sound for my computer. The sound is the scariest part. I came across this body and didn't feel like being scared if it awoke and started beating the shit out of me if I got near it. So I stood at a safe distance and started firing. The first shot bloodied the dude's face so I figured that was good. It felt good shooting a lifeless body, so I did it a few more times. I never knew a pistol could do so much damage. After I emptied my clip, I wanted to inspect what I had just done so I pulled out my flashlight. Somehow 12 bullets cremated the body. Awesome.

I came across this dead marine and started punching the shit out of him. Turns out my fists pack the same heat as my pistol because I cremated him too. After that I had a seance and conjured up some more dudes to kill.
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