Expand Dang, Doom III
Aug 2nd, 2004 2:34 PM, 1 comment
I got Doom III yesterday and was angry with myself that I started playing it in the day time. Sure, it's nothing new -- just a first person shooter -- but there were some great scenes that would've made me jump out of my chair had I played it alone at night with the lights off. The game is so dark; you always have to pull out your flashlight to survey the scene before proceeding. The problem with that is if you're holding a flashlight in your hand, you're not holding a gun. =[ Nothing like stepping into a room, looking around for a minute, and slowing stepping forward to walk up the stairs when WHAM, a creature blasts through from under the stairs and starts slashing the shit out of you. Or walking into another room that's lit up, expecting nothing, and then BAM, this bloody corpse falls from the ceiling right in front of you.

Notice the screen shots were all teal? Yea, the game is a little buggy. I took 33 screen shots while I played for an hour. 28 of them were teal. I had some good ones too. I think Activision might be racist. They made the Chinese people look more like monkeys. Not cool. I had another screen shots of a black man in a dark room. All you could see were his eyes and teeth. Shit is fucked up. I got pissed shortly thereafter and went on a rampage shooting every white NPC that I could find. I had another screenshot of this marine. He was decked out in space marine gear -- a helmet, some body armor, combat boots. Well, I went up to him and punched him right in the face. He died immediately. As I was standing over his corpse, I gave him another good punch in his dead stomach just for kicks. When I made contact, his body disintegrated into a bloody/bony mush. It was redic.

Other than that, the game is pretty smart. I was instructed to follow this little robot bastard to some laboratory. So I started fucking around to see what he would do when I didn't follow him (I checked and he had an outtie, that's how I know it was a him). He kept coming back to get me. He'd squeak like R2D2 and tell me move my ass. I know this because I speak R2D2. Anyway, when I got bored of not following him, I ran ahead of him and stood in his way. When I did this, he became enraged and stood up on all fours and threatened my life in R2D2 speak. I moved immediately.

If you chat me up on AIM and find it strange that I have a pentagram as an icon. Fear not. It's Doom III's icon. I'm not satanic. I Promise.
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