Expand Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Aug 29th, 2004 10:53 PM, 13 comments
What's the big deal with Modest Mouse? Everyone is seemingly obsessed with them and thinks they're really doing something new for music. I don't see it at all -- they're a good band, Float On is a great song, but it's nothing new. Especially now with the plethora of (insert adjtect here) rock bands putting out new singles: Jet, Franz Ferdinand, Stereophonics, The Killers, and The Darkness. And where is The Darkness now?

MTV did something pretty amazing tonight on the VMA's: they had a best video game soundtrack award. I was pretty into it until I realized I was watching MTV and that they'd nominate video games with mainstream music in them: THUG, SSX, Madden 2004, Etc. THUG won and Tony Hawk stood up with a fist raised in the air in victory. Which is pretty funny considering he didn't write any of the songs on the soundtrack. It wasn't like HE won.

Also, Usher's an egomaniac.
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