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Aug 28th, 2004 11:51 PM, 0 comments
Dawn is my #1 fan. Big ups to Dawn Stiller and her lovely family. Without her (and Sharon for pointing out her comment), you wouldn't be reading this. This one is for you, Dawn. Respek.

I was doing stuff in the laundry closet today and spotted something. No -- not the panties -- the bathing suit. It's not mine, but it's definitely tight. It brings back memories of good times. Maybe someone will use it before the pool closes this year. Maybe.

I set the date on my camera shortly after taking those pictures. The default is 1/1/2001. That means I need a new camera. Especially now since I have to take pictures for a picture frame that Sharon bought. It has 4 3x3 slots in it. My idea was to take 4 different pictures of the same object and put them all in it. The problem is I never came up with a good object. So my new idea is to take some quality pictures of either video game controllers or video game systems (SNES, N64, PS1, PS2). Unfortunately I don't really know how to take quality pictures. Anyone interested?

I also hung up some other crap on the walls today. Actually, since the last time I mentioned something about it, my kitchen is dramatically different now thanks to Sharon. She hooked it up big time. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and you'll likely read about them. Unless something super-hot happens (not likely).

BTW, you're not still looking for the panties in this picture, are you?
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